See where everything stands—and make data-driven decisions

Put your data to work: search tools that learn your favorite lights, detailed data visualizations, and centralized data management. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.

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Team Dashboard

Get important insights into your team's performance

Powerful analytics like win rates and project contract amounts help to prioritize your sales pipeline and take the guesswork out of running your business.
  • Manage your team with data-driven decisions.
  • See who is sending out the most proposals, and who has the highest close rate.
  • Put your best people on the job that you want to win the most.

Project Dashboard

Understand your project at a glance

Make better product selection and pricing decisions with overview charts that give you a deeper understanding of how your project is performing, resulting in higher profits and happier customers.
I don't have to switch back and forth between different tabs and programs. LightBids has everything I need in one location. I can get work done anywhere!
Rod Panzer
Eco Light Solutions
Light recommendations

Personalized lighting recommendations

LightBids' smart search algorithm learns your most frequently selected lights. Search all of the most important fields, from beam angle to warranty, and everything in between.


Flexible project estimating—pricing input your way

Build job costs for products and labor, add in expenses like lift rental or lamp recycling, then fine-tune the totals with markups. LightBids calculates your profit automatically.
  • Build job cost for products and labor

    Plug in individual values for equipment line items and labor by zone.

  • Expenses and Markup

    Add in expenses like lift rental or lamp recycling, and fine tune the totals with markups or discounts.

  • See your profit live

    Project totals auto-update, so you can maximize your profit with every action.

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